How To Navigate the NDIS Process

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an Australian government initiative being rolled out to provide assistance to people with varying degrees of physical, intellectual and emotional challenges.


The NDIS process can be a difficult one to find your way through alone. Below we have provided some helpful information to help you navigate the process.

Contact the NDIS 

It is always a good idea to go straight to the horse’s mouth for the information you need. Sometimes websites can be overwhelming, difficult to browse through or otherwise hard to read and absorb. Calling someone at the NDIS means you can speak to a person who will be able to inform you and even help you organise a referral.

Create a Plan

If you are eligible, an NDIS planner will meet with you to work out your NDIS plan. If you have a physical impairment that impacts your mobility, this might include planning for and taking steps to acquire power chairs, scooters, lifting equipment, mobility ramps, van ramps, alternating mattresses, hoists and similar mobility aids. Whatever your needs are, it is best to start planning now for what you will require.

Keep Everyone Informed

Successfully navigating the NDIS may mean that everyone responsible for either caring for you or assisting you to live independently should be kept in the loop with the progress you are making within the NDIS. Keep your GP, specialists, allied health professionals and anyone else involved informed so that they can all work together for you. This is especially important if your conditions intersect the realms of health concerns and disability.

Have an Advocate 

It can be worth getting an Allied Health Professional, friend or family member to act as an advocate for you as you make your plan, in case you forget or fail to mention something that is important for your care and wellbeing. Having a second set of eyes and ears can be very beneficial when navigating the NDIS. 

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