5 Different Mobility Ramps and Their Everyday Uses

When people are fully mobile there are a number of things that they take for granted or tend not to consider. One of those things is accessibility and the difficulty involved in getting from one point to another. We’re not just talking about how we move either. Everything from getting into a car to getting into our homes can be more difficult, even with mechanical and human aids. This is where mobility and wheelchair ramps come in.

Mobility Ramps

Despite their rather simple design and concept, mobility ramps are an effective way to overcome everyday obstacles. There are a range of mobility ramps for different purposes and today we’re going to explore 3 different kinds and how they can assist you.

  1. Fixed Ramps

 Probably what most people think of when it comes to ramps, fixed and semi-permanent designs are attractive, safe and perfect for care facilities and public spaces alike. Like all the ramps on this list, they obviously provide ease of access and they typically feature steel hand rails too, for extra aid. When you need a permanent solution that can work with any surroundings fixed ramps are a great option.

  1. Portable Ramps

 While permanent ramps are a tried and true solution, they can’t be taken everywhere you go. There are a range of  portable ramps available that can be conveniently folded to reduce their carry size. These designs are typically lightweight, but are also designed for strength with strategically positioned hinges and anti-slip surfaces.

  1. Rubber Threshold Ramps

 Rubber ramps range from small “threshold” units, to larger more permanent sizes, but all simple to install.. Simply position the ramp against a rise to create easy access. They’re a cheap and low-maintenance solution and if you want to install them permanently you can do that too. Simply clear your ramp of any dirt and fix it against the step or rise with builder’s adhesive.

Which Option is Right for Me?

If one or more of these products can help you, talk to a professional to find out more.

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