Reasons to get a power chair

Having mobility issues presents challenges that most people never even consider. For many people, mobility issues are just a part of everyday life and getting on with life is their priority. There are a range of mobility aids that can assist you, with different solutions suiting different circumstances. Regardless of your situation, ease of use is always a priority.

A power mobility chair is one solution that might be appropriate for you. These mobility aids have been greatly improved by modern technologies. They allow users to get around and accomplish everyday tasks with increased ease and comfort.  There are a range of reasons why you might consider a power chair for yourself or your loved ones.

power chair

Today we’re going to look at five major reasons to consider investing in a power chair.

Get Out and About

Being stuck indoors all day isn’t just boring; it can also eventually impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing. A mobility power chair is a simple way to get around, whether you’re running your errands or simply getting a coffee.

Conserve Your Energy and Health

A manually powered mobility chair can be physically taxing to operate. For the younger and healthier among us, this may not be a problem. However, mobility challenges affect people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Manual mobility chairs may not be practical for everyone to operate. Long term use of manual mobility devices can have a negative impact on the health of the upper arms, chest, shoulders as well as wrists.

Adapt to Changing Life Circumstances 

Sometimes we need to move jobs or homes. It could be that our prior circumstances suited a manual mobility chair fine, and that our new circumstances or situation are making it difficult to remain with the same type of mobility device. A power chair might be more appropriate for your new situation or surroundings.

New to Mobility Chairs 

There are a range of different mobility aids that people may use depending on their circumstances. If moving around is getting slower, more difficult and more painful then you might want to consider transitioning to a mobility chair. A mobility chair can replace your cane or walker when these aids are no longer sufficient for your situation. Smaller units can assist movement within your house and yard – just to allow independence. Larger chairs travel further and come in different sizes and weight capacities to suit a wide variety of mobility needs from shopping to socialising.

Get Your Independence 

A power chair can aid and even enhance your independence. For many people, this means decreased reliance on a carer, occupational therapist or family member. Some buses and trams are power chair accessible and so is every train. Many buildings are designed with accessibility in mind too; making power chairs a simple, less-taxing mobility aid. Technology of the chair itself means that they come with options and accessories that offer everything from a cup holder for hydration, to seat elevation to reach the bench top, to a full standing chair if your legs just don’t work at all.

Get in Touch 

Total Mobility has a range of power chair models available. Whether you’re considering a mobility chair for yourself or for someone else, our team can advise you. Please call our Sydney or ACT location on 1300 868 662 or get in touch online.