Top Items to Have For Emergency Evacuations

If you live in or work in an aged care or other sort of care facility then it is essential to be prepared for an emergency evacuation. An emergency evacuation may be necessary in case of fire, flood or other natural or man-made hazardous situation. Evacuating people with limited mobility or other sorts of impairment safely is an essential aspect of any evacuation plan or contingency.  Let’s take a look at what to do in case of emergency, and some essential items that you’ll need.


Stay Calm and Follow Procedure

The most important thing to do in an emergency situation is to keep a cool temper and remain calm. Panic can only make things worse. Every facility will have its own policy and procedure regarding emergency and hazardous situations, so it’s up to you to stay up to date and informed about exactly what to do. If in doubt, ask a member of staff or your supervisor for the best procedure to follow in case of emergency. The same rules and regulations may also apply to visitors to a building who have impaired mobility – so not just aged care and other care facilities should have the correct equipment and procedure. 

Evacuation Chairs 

Evacuation chairs are small, foldable and lightweight chairs that are specifically designed to help move people with limited mobility down flights of stairs. They come equipped with wheels and rubber tracks that allow for a controlled, stable descent down staircases. Some models feature a trac wheelbase for ease of use.  Most models have in built speed regulation systems and braking devices that allow them to be used safely, as well as a built in brake that operates while they are stationary. They are typically operated by one person only, but please check with your organisation or facilities management for the best practice when operating one. Please remember that manual lifting can present a safety hazard, and always keep best practice in mind when transporting a patient with limited mobility.

Storage of Evacuation Chairs 

Exactly where you store your evacuation chair is very important. They should be easily accessible, and preferably as close to the stairwell as humanly possible. This is to ensure ease of access and use in the small chance of an emergency situation. The last thing that you want in the case of emergency is not to be able to easily access an evacuation chair.

Total Mobility has a range of different evacuation chairs available for sale. For more information about them or to find out more about using them safely please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. You can email us or call 02 9520 1866.