5 Tips for Preventing Falls

For those with limited mobility or who are aging, falling can present quite a personal health risk. If you do have limited mobility, are aging, or are caring for someone who is, then you need to know the best ways to prevent accidental falls. Read on for five great tips for preventing falls.

Old woman gets help with walking from a nurse

Use The Correct Equipment

One thing that you can do to prevent the chance of a fall occurring is to ensure that you use the correct equipment. This is a tip that is mainly applicable to care givers. There are a variety of products available that can help to prevent falls, in particular manual lifts and hoists and crash mats. These are designed to both minimise or eliminate the need for manual lifting and also help to give an added level of safety when transferring a patient to and from bed and into a chair or commode


If you are elderly then your risk of falls is more increased. There are a few lifestyle choices that you can make that can reduce this risk. Eating healthy, wholesome food is one way to ensure that you stay fit. Keeping well hydrated can stop you from becoming dizzy and faint, and regular, light exercise is essential in maintain a good lifestyle. Light exercise such as gentle yoga or tai chi is a good place to start.

How You Dress

This may seem silly, but what you wear can help to reduce the chances of having a fall. Comfortable, well fitting shoes with no, or a wide, heel can help. The same applies to slippers. Walking around in socks is not suggested, as it is easy to slip while wearing them. In the same vein, wearing loose, flowing clothes, which can trip you up or catch on furniture and other things, is not the best idea.

Around the House

Some simple modifications to your home can make it a much safer place to be in. Installing handrails in the toilet, bathroom and other rooms that require you to bend or sit is a good start. Removing other slipping and tripping hazards such as low furniture, loose rugs and mats is another thing that you can do to prevent falls. Your yard is another place that may require some work, particularly if you have any loose paving stones or decking outside. 

Mobility Aids

A walking aid is a great device to have that can help you balance and stay on your feet, and a cane may be useful too. 

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