Movement Therapy

Total Mobility are proud to announce that we can now offer solutions for people who wish to try ‘movement therapy’.

Active/Passive leg and arm cycles are used for a variety of conditions and offer a range of possible benefits depending on the clients situation. For example, SCI patients worldwide use these trainers to lower muscle tone, increase blood circulation throughout the body, as an aid to improve bowel and bladder control- as well as the regular benefits exercise offers, such as boosting mental health. Sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis have commented that the trainer helps to keep their limbs free and flexible, and that it has improved their walking gait.

This therapy has been used with amazing success worldwide for decades, the machines prevalent in both patients homes, hospitals and neurological gyms. They have been successfully funded through the NDIS for many clients- especially people with goals to remain healthy and active, yet cannot travel to a neuro gym. Often times the introduction of movement therapy can lead to a decrease in medication, manual loosening/stretching programs etc. which can improve the likelihood of funding.

Please contact us on should you wish to know more about this therapy, or the offer of a demonstration interests you.

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