Alrick 2300D Double Bed

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Product Description

The Alrick 2300D Series provides dignity and comfort for bariatric patients with its impressive 300 kg safe working load. With new features such as the auto regression backrest, backlit handset and underbed light it gives the ultimate experience, with safety to both patient and carers. It has a warranty guarantee of five years, while the strong durable steel bed framework has a warranty guarantee of ten years.


  • Electric Hi/Low
  • Electric backrest and kneebend
  • Auto Regression Backrest
  • Backlit Handset
  • Underbed light
  • Impressive 300 kg SWL


Model Minimum Height Maximum Height Overall Width Overall Length Sleeping Surface
Alrick 2300D Series 2300D 270mm 760mm 1390mm 2040mm 2000mm x 1370mm


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