Coraille Mobile Day Chair

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Product Description


  • 8 cm thick seating pillow (back height 78cm) made from foam rubber.
  • Steel Structure with a diameter of 32mm, Epoxy coating.
  • Rear Wheels with breaks, controlled by a pedal at the back combined with two front steering wheels.
  • Angle of the chair is separately adjustable from the position of the largest.
  • Tilting Seat – gravity will help retain residents in the seated position.
  • Leg rest system is adjustable in length and can be removed, and will weight bear.
  • Telescopic frame. Seat height can be adjusted at any time.
  • Equipped with a safety harness


  • Colours Green or Plum
  • Removable Seat Belt
  • Split Foot Plate or One Piece Foot Plate  (Weight Bearing)
  • Removable/Foldable Tray
  • B52 Serum Holder


MODEL Seat Width Seat Depth Seat Height Overall Width Seat-Top of Back
Standard 480mm 460mm 450-560mm 670mm 780mm
XXL 550/600mm 500mm 520-560mm 790mm 780mm

Additional Information/Resources:

Coraille Mobile Day Chair Brochure