Invacare Suction Grab Handle

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Product Description

The new Invacare suction grab handles offer a new quick and easy, non-permanent solution for more support when bathing or showering. Rather than the permanent grab handles that can be costly and time consuming to be installed, the suction cup attaches effortlessly to the wall with a vacuum lever and can provide support for months at a time. Unique to the Invacare Suction grab handles, the handles also feature suction indicators to show whether the handle has been mounted properly and safely.

The Invacare Suction Grab Handles provide an effective temporary solution when needing extra support in the bathroom after injury and infrequent use or travel.


  • 40/50cm length
  • 100kg weight capacity
  • 1 year warranty

Additional Information/Resources:

Invacare H172 Grab Handle Brochure

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