Invacare TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx

Think all Powerchairs are the same? Think again…

Introducing a Revolution in Complex Rehab and featuring cutting-edge Ultra Low Maxx and LiNX technologies, the TDX SP2 is the perfect mix of functionality, customisation and style that adapts to your body, needs and desired lifectyle. Boasting unrivalled comfort, driver performance and manoeuvrability, the TDX SP2 is THE Powerchair that changed the Powerchair.

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Product Description

Introducing tomorrow’s technology, today…

Featuring revolutionary Ultra Low Maxx and LiNX technologies, the TDX SP2 is the perfect mix of functionality, customisation and style that adapts to your body, needs and desired lifectyle. Boasting unrivalled comfort, driver performance and manoeuvrability, the TDX SP2 is the powerchair that changed the powerchair.

REM400 Controls with 3.5″ colour touch screen boasting:

  • SWIPE OR TAP OPERATION – To suit both gross or fine motor control abilities.
  • STRATEGICALLY-DESIGNED – Adaptable to both left and right-handed use, giving you the power to personalise your drive.
  • ADVANCED MENU OPTIONS – Direct access or menu navigation options, offering unrivalled ease of access to profiles and functions.
  • IN-BUILT BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY – With Bluetooth mouse movement technology, the REM400 helps you connect to your world.

MyLiNX: A game-changing app that eliminates the worry of battery life anxiety or things going wrong with your chair allowing you to get on with and enjoy life

  • USEFUL DATA – By connecting wirelessly to your powerchair, MyLiNX provides vital information and data regarding your chair’s drive time, battery life and overall usage.
  • FAULT ALERTS – If you’re out and about and your powerchair has a fault, the app allows you to alert your provider, quickly and easily, giving you complete peace of mind.


  • OPTIMISED PERFORMANCE – LiNX understands that wear and tear alters how your chair drives, which is why it interprets, learns and adapts to these changes, ensuring an optimised driving experience over the chair’s lifetime.
  • SPEED CONTROL – With low speed control for approaching doorways or tables, and creep control to improve hold on slopes; you’re always in command.
  • WIRELESS SYSTEM CHANGES – Made wirelessly and in real-time, LiNX is able to meet your exact requirements, making set-ups a quick and straightforward process.
  • SURESTEP® SUSPENSION – Offering consistency, control and comfort over uneven terrain, Surestep provides seamless transition, traction and stability when climbing and descending kerbs.
  • STABILITY LOCK SYSTEM – This ensures all six wheels stay firmly grounded, keeping you in control at all times.
  • LiNX G-TRAC® TECHNOLOGY – The digital gyroscopic technology detects and corrects the smallest deviation from your intended path and is a great feature for alternative control users
  • NARROW BASE – With a base of only 650 mm (610 mm on the TDX SP2 NB), the TDX SP2 is the perfect powerchair for using around your home, office and in shops.
  • CENTRE WHEEL DRIVE – Thanks to its true, centre wheel drive design, expect exceptional manoeuvrability in compact spaces, an incredibly tight turning radius and intuitive driveability.
  • YOUR RIDE, YOUR RULES – 10 attractive, stylish, contemporary colour shroud and rim insert options to choose from.
  • ENHANCED AESTHETICS – Black tyres, black rims and a single-sided fork; this a sleek and sophisticated powerchair.
  • UNIQUE SERVICE – Want that extra special touch or feature? Our Unique service will help create a bespoke chair, just for you.
  • NATURAL PIVOT POINTS – With natural pivot points that replicate the body’s, Ultra Low Maxx ensures your head, shoulders, hips and feet never lose contact with the chair, providing comfort and safety.
  • Extended SHEAR REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – Ultra Low Maxx significantly reduces the risk of shear, which can cause tissue breakdown when the chair transitions between position options.
  • TAILORED POSITIONING – Combining up to 50° tilt and 170° of recline, the positioning combinations of the Ultra Low Maxx allow a tailored individual position for ultimate pressure redistribution, function and comfort.
  • VARYING WIDTH OPTIONS – With varying width (16”-24”) and depth (16”-23”) options, it’s the ultimate in support and comfort.
  • RANGE OF OPTIONS – The selection of backrest, headrest and armrest options ensure a tailored seating system.
  • IN-BUILT RAIL – This feature allows for a range of positioning accessories to be easily mounted to the chair to support your needs.
  • FOR ALL LIFE’S LEVELS – Whether chatting to friends at a natural eye-level or reaching for objects on shelves, the TDX SP2’s lift feature allows you to raise up to 300 mm.
  • DISCREET & DYNAMIC – Thanks to a virtually silent seat elevation mechanism, you can quietly alter the height of your system discreetly, whenever you want.
  • MOVES WITH YOU – There’s no need to stop your chair prior to elevating or descending: the simply smart TDX SP2 allows you to utilise the lift feature whilst you are driving.
  • SPECIALIST CONTROL OPTIONS – To maximise control and independence, the REM400 allows a selection of specialist controls to be used. If a standard joystick is not the solution for you, then why not customise your TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx with a specialist control.

Technical Specifications:

Seat Width Seat Depth Floor to Seat Height Max User Weight Max Speed Base W x L
40.5-61cm 40.5-58cm 44/46/49cm 156kg (Std) | 169kg (Tilt Module) | 179kg (Lift & Tilt Module) 10km/h 65cm x 92cm


TDX SP2 Product Brochure

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REM400 Brochure

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