Multi-fold Flat Surface Ramps



Product Description

DVA Approved ItemPersonal
The Personal model is a lightweight ramp that is very portable and makes access easier in and around the home or workplace. Ideal for climbing kerbs and similar obstacles.

The Multipurpose ramp is designed to cope with a wider range of obstacles making it more suitable for commercial and travel situations. Longer and wider than the Personal version, yet still very portable. The Multipurpose ramps is invaluable when venturing outdoors.

The Senior Range offers you a flexible variety of ramps to cope with obstacles from 22.5cm to 87.5cm in height. As with the Personal and Multi Purpose models each is remarkably lightweight and strong in use.


Model Length Width Max Step Height Weight Capacity
Personal 070 0.7m 745mm 175mm 4.7kg 300kg
Multi-Purpose 087 0.87m 835mm 217mm 5.6kg 300kg
Multi-Purpose 100 1.0m 830mm 250mm 6kg 300kg
Senior 090 0.9m 750mm 225mm 4.8kg 300kg
Senior 120 1.2m 750mm 300mm 8.3kg 300kg
Senior 135 1.35m 750mm 337mm 8.5kg 300kg
Senior 150 1.5m 750mm 375mm 9.6kg 300kg
Senior 165 1.65m 750mm 412mm 10.8kg 300kg
Senior 185 1.85m 750mm 462mm 11.2kg 300kg
Senior 200 2.0m 750mm 500mm 11.7kg 300kg
Senior 250 2.5m 750mm 625mm 14.8kg 300kg
Senior 300 3.0m 750mm 750mm 22.1kg 300kg
Senior 350 3.5m 750mm 875mm 24.7kg 300kg

Additional Information/Resources:

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