Ottobock Motus CV/CS Wheelchair

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Product Description

At a glance

  • Versatile all-round wheelchair
  • Foldable and easy to stow
  • Robust, very stable materials
  • Precise adaptation of seat height and centre of gravity as well as adjustment to your body size
  • Numerous options and accessories
  • Back upholstery in new colours

The Motus is the flexible all-rounder in our product range. It is placed between the Start M5 Comfort and the Avantgarde, and is an adaptive wheelchair that can accommodate your driving needs in a wide variety of ways. Whether you prefer active or more passive driving, the Motus is suitable for both. The base model includes swing-away footrests, height-adjustable back tubes, adaptable back upholstery and the clothing protector. Of course you can also order other options and accessories from our product range if you require them. The new back upholstery is a special highlight. It is shapely and available in two coordinated colours. Pick the colour of your choice in order to give your wheelchair that extra something.

Proven quality
Stability and safety are the most important criteria for you as a user and for us as a manufacturer. This is why we used some assemblies in the Motus which have already been proven thousands of times in the Avantgarde series. As a result, we can assure a high level of quality. While you will notice some slight design modifications, these do not affect the high level of stability and reliability. Experience it with the Motus.

One for all
Looking for an optimum seating position? With 48 adjustment possibilities, you are sure to find the one exactly right for you. The Motus is easy to operate and you can take it with you anywhere you go. Simple to fold and stow – lightweight and compact.

More than just practical!
With the lively green or muted bronze of the new back upholstery, you are sure to turn heads in your wheelchair. The soft centre padding is breathable and feels pleasantly soft against your body.


Model Weight Weight Limit Seat Width Seat Depth Floor to Seat Height
Motus CV/CS 13kg 140kg 35.5-55.5cm 40-46cm 38-56cm

Additional Information/Resources:

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