Quickie Q700 M SEDEO ERGO


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Discover the ultimate driving experience with the Quickie Q700 M, the high-performance power wheelchair with superior style and manoeuvrability. Boasting SpiderTrac 2.0 sports suspension for a super-smooth ride, enjoy an intuitive driving experience with a mid-wheel drive base loaded with the latest technology to keep you safely on-track. Enjoy comfort with the amazing SEDEO ERGO, the biomechanical seating system that mirrors your body’s natural position. Plus, stay connected with the world around you with a selection of easy-to-use controls, personalize your drive with QUICKIE’s patented assignable buttons and 6 seated memory positions – and even keep elevated whilst on the move with C-ME.


  • Performance bases choices: Mid-wheel drive, Front wheel drive, Rear wheel drive
  • Q700 Series is the perfect partner for testing terrain – providing the most comfortable, responsive ride to date as well as superior indoor manoeuvrabilty and intuitive driving to help navigate those tight, compact spaces effortless.
  • Good posture and superior comfort.
  • A wide range of WHITMYER headrests and JAY cushions and backs available to meet every user’s clinical needs and ensure we offer the best seating possible.
  • Remote Seating app which aids with pressure management.
  • R-Net advanced joystick, a large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.
  • Max speed : 6 kph (high torque), 10 kph standard
  • Stylish design and choice of colours

Additional Information

Quickie Q700 M/F/R_User Manual

Quickie Q700 Series_Brochure 

SEDEO ERGO_Seating Manual 

Control Manual 

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