ROHO Quadtro

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Product Description

DVA Approved ItemAvailable in High, Medium and Low profiles.

  • The Low Profile (5.5cm cells) cushion is best suited to active patients and those able to independently weight shift and transfer.
  • The Medium Profile (8.5cm cells) cushion is best suited to patients at risk of skin breakdown/soft tissue injury or a history of pressure ulcers.
  • The High Profile (10cm cells) cushion is best suited to patients at high risk of pressure ulcers, those with minimal or no sensation and those needing assistance with weight shifts and transfers.

By utilising DRY FLOATATION® technology and locking air into place in four quadrants the ROHO® QUADTRO® SELECT Cushion with ISOFLO Memory Control minimises side to side and front to back motion, offering patient shape fitting capabilities. By offering a contoured form with the ISOFLO memory valve, the user can benefit from positive mid-line channeling of the legs along with increased lateral stability.

  • Durable neoprene rubber, easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Independent cells allow air circulation for ventilation
  • Quick and easy adjustments just by clicking a button
  • Built-in stability, simplicity and positioning convenience, for greater skin protection
  • Facilitates blood flow by fitting, matching and tracking the shape of a person
  • Neoprene rubber cushion can be patched to extend use
  • Flame resistant and unaffected by UV rays
  • No weight limit on any ROHO® Neoprene products
  • Adjustable cells sections to suit individual seating and body contour needs

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