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Introducing an all new wheelchair cushion line from Star Cushion Products, Inc….the Galaxy. The Galaxy is a flame resistant neoprene cushion that combines multi-cellular air technology with a patented, contouring design, fitting the anatomical form. These detailed, contouring features, offer several benefits to aid in the patients’ stability and posture, while greatly enhancing a true therapeutic advantage. Simply stated, the Galaxy is a well engineered system, uniquely designed to capture the needs and requirements of our companies’ first and foremost importance…the end user!


  • PELVIC SUPPORTS – A supporting area that gently adducts the trochanters creating a hydrostatic environment around the sitting tissues.
  • ADDUCTORS – Gently pushes femurs to the midline of the cushion.
  • COCCYX/PERINEUM RELIEF – Voided areas to keep excess pressures away from problematic areas.
  • PRE-ISCHIAL RIDGE – Posterior sloped air cells prevents forward migration.
  • ABDUCTOR – Built-in pommel for abduction of the knees to work in concert with the femur troughs.
  • FEMUR TROUGHS – A sculpted region to help position the thighs in a medial-lateral placement

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