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A perfect combination of air and foam: air enables pressure equalization with foam bringing contoured stability. We do it through utilization of foam supporters internal to the air cells, further enhancing the dynamic weight distribution benefits of a cellular air cushion. It means reinforcing and shaping selected cells with internal support systems. The Stabil-Air Cushion is capable of prevention and healing of up to, and including, a Stage IV pressure ulcer. Stabil-Air delivers an innovative support method unlike anything else on the market. The Stabil-Air is available in all sizes, as well as custom sizes and cell configurations. The internal foam provides two amazing benefits.

First, the internal foam is contoured, so that there is taller foam around the outside, with shorter foam for the leg troughs, the buttocks, and the coccyx. This contoured layer of foam provides a shell of stability and helps ease transfers on and off of the cushion.

The second benefit is that the foam provides a backup or secondary layer of skin protection, which assists in the prevention of the cushion bottoming out. This means that a user or care provider can have the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing that if the multi-celled air cushion ever loses air, the user still is safeguarded with a backup layer of skin protection.

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