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Product Description

  • For those who need a medium/high postural support.
  • For those with an active lifestyle that need a cushion that is easy to handle and transfer from.
  • Can be used to accommodate mild leg length discrepancies, wind sweeping, pelvic obliquity, pelvic rotation and mild anterior or posterior pelvic tilt.
  • Tanto is ideal for those who need lateral control of the legs and coccyx/sacral protection to improve self-trunk control and enhance propulsion.
  • Modular inserts provide Mild to Moderate postural control. Low profile cushion makes transfers easy.
  • Layered Visco Elastic (memory foam) ensure high comfort and good skin protection.
  • Cushion Cover included.
CodeDisplay Name
PTC608152Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 14 x 15 w/ AX cover
PTC608153Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 14 x 16.5in w/ AX Cover
PTC608155Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 16 x 16in w/ AX Cover
PTC608160Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 16 x 18in w/ AX Cover
PTC608162Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 16.5 x 18in w/ AX Cover
PTC608163Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 16 x 20in w/ AX Cover
PTC608165Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 18 x 18in w/ AX Cover
PTC608170Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 18 x 20in w/ AX Cover
PTC608172Cushion – Promedicare Tanto – 19in x 18in w/ AX Cover


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