Teal Lifts

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Product Description

Individually engineered to suit your pool and your needs


  • Convenient and simple operation.
  • Comfortable, dignified & safe.
  • Lightweight & unobtrusive Poly Body on Standard Heavy Duty Lift. Stylish Full Stainless Construction on Heavy Duty Full Powered Lift
  • Durable & robust construction.
  • Logical in operation.
  • Option of being Removable from pool side.
  • Minimal interference with swimming space.
  • Working load standard across both versions of 250kg.
  • Seat is Polypropylene (easily removable).
  • Swing over armrest optional.
  • Plinth or leg mount (leg mount has provision for wheels).
  • Adjustable height (50mm increments up~down).
  • New actuator and rope drive limits corrosion, and ensures years of trouble-free operation.
  • Remote control hand pieces feature simple air operated switch, ensuring safety and reliability in the proximity of water. They also float for easy recovery.


  • Spine board
  • Slings
  • Additional batteries
  • Solar charger
  • Powered rotate (180Âș)


Model Length Body Height S.W.L.
Standard Heavy Duty 1.8m 100 x 130mm Adjustable, 50mm increments 250kg

Additional Information/Resources:

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