Dual Beam Monitor

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Product Description

Dual Beam Monitor:

  • Aids for Falls Prevention from beds
  • Alerts the nurse at the earliest stage, when the patient attempts to leave bed
  • Patient Security
  • Alerts the staff of any unauthorised entry to the bed
  • Monitors both sides of the bed with precise invisible beams
  • Total wireless operation
  • Bed free of equipment and cables
  • No switches
  • Hands-free – a bonus for infection control
  • Monitor alarm cancels when the nurse enters the field of the bed
  • Monitor alarm automatically resets when the nurse leaves the bed
  • Activity at the bedside recorded – a management tool

Entry card:

  • The Entry Card allows the nurse free access to the patient without worrying about switches. It is totally hands-free.When the nurse attends to the patient in response to an alarm :
  • The Entry Card cancels the alarm automatically
  • Automatically resets when the nurse leaves the bed
  • Activity at the bed is recorded by a Central Processor
  • The Entry Card should be recharged dailyEntry card may be used with either a lanyard or clip.

Central processor:

  • The Central Processor collects and stores the following information:
    – Ward
    – Bed
    – Patient
    – Alarm time
    – Alarm source – either patient or nurse
  • The information compiled can be used as a management tool to form a patient activity profile of peak times when a fall is likely to occur.
  • This can help reduce falls and save nursing time.


Monitor and Nurse Call Cable Panel Mount 1,600.00
Monitor and Nurse Call Cale Wall Mount 1,850.00
Entry Card 60.00
Pager 415.00
CPU 900.00

Additional Information /Resources:

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