WheelAir Cushion Cover

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Product Description

  • The WheelAir Cushion Cover provides the microclimate, humidity, and temperature control benefits of the WheelAir system while keeping the pressure relieving, shear force qualities, and comfort of the existing seat cushion.
  • Instantly promotes even airflow distribution throughout the cushion, lowering relative humidity, and significantly de-creasing the speed at which the temperature rises.
  • 6 low-noise airflow settings.
  • Wireless remote.
  • Fluid Flow channel technology.
  • Machine washable removable cover and Anti-Slip cover base.
  • USB-C chargeable and 27 hours battery life.
  • Can be used in every wheelchair with a removable cushion, given that there is an opening and space in the back for the Fanbox to hang.
Product Code PTC610000
Product Description WheelAir Cushion Cover


Total Height 50 mm
Total Length 406 mm
Total Width 406 mm
Unit Weight 660 – 860 g


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